Bose Sleepbuds Are On Sale For 20% Off At Amazon For One Day Only

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The innovative and unique sound technology in these Sleepbuds has been clinically proven to get users to fall asleep faster through a combination of noise-masking abilities and specially curated sounds that lull you to sleep.

Using bluetooth technology, the Sleepbuds connect to the Bose Sleep App, which contains an extensive library of relaxing sound content such as tranquil nature-scapes. It’s a comfortable solution to calm a racing mind before bed or drown out disruptive noises, like outside traffic or the snores of a partner (unless you’re the one who snores, in which case you might want to get these for your partner). The app also allows you to program a personal alarm.

Even side sleepers and active moving sleepers can rest assured knowing that these bite-sized buds aren’t going anywhere. The soft silicone fittings conform to the shape of the ear, while the specially designed ear tips are virtually imperceptible. There are even three sizes included, so you can find a fit that’s just right.

With over 10 hours of battery life per charge and a portable charging case, you can get perfect and restful sleep no matter where you go.

This is perfect for the sleeper who finds most sleep masks slightly claustrophobic. The plushy and generous eye cups on this adjustable mask mold to the contours of your face and give your eyes the blinking and breathing room they need so you can comfortably fall asleep.

Get it at Amazon for $29.99.

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