David Boreanaz Confirms Weirdness Of Hollywood Parties With Mick Jagger Story

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“SEAL Team” star David Boreanaz recalled on “The Late Late Show” Tuesday that he once approached the music legend and was repelled by the rocker’s growling. (Watch the video below.)

Asked by host James Corden to tell his best Hollywood party story from his time on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” (1997-2003), Boreanaz said the encounter happened at a post-award ceremony bash where “nobody really knows how to talk to each other.”

Boreanaz said he spotted Jagger in a booth and figured he’d chat with him and have a “‘Hey, how are you? Good’ moment.”

“I get about three feet and he just does this whole, ‘Rawwrrrrr!’” Boreanaz said with a clawing gesture. “And I’m like, whoa. Mick Jagger was like growling at me. I had no idea what that means.”

“I”m like, ‘OK, look, I’m not coming toward your den, bud, I’ll just keep passing,’” he added.

Corden offered jokey advice on how Boreanaz should have responded but the actor said he turned into the Tin Man and didn’t have the courage.

“It was kinda weird,” he said.

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