New ‘Home Alone’ Trailer: The Kid Faces Even Scarier Thieves — Spouses

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The trailer for the new “Home Alone” movie dropped on Tuesday, revealing that clumsy criminals can come in legally bound packages, too. (Watch the video below.)

Disney+’s upcoming “Home Sweet Home Alone” features a husband (Rob Delaney) and wife (Ellie Kemper) up to no good as the left-behind Max, played by Archie Yates, defends the homestead.

In the preview, Max relies on an array of kid-inspired weaponry to thwart the bungling spouses’ dastardly plan to retrieve an heirloom. Of course, Max grows in wisdom and determination without his family members, who unwittingly left on a Tokyo vacation without him.

In a nod to the 1990 hit with Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McAllister, a cop named McAllister arrives to investigate. He’s played by none other than Devin Ratray, who appeared in the original as Kevin’s older brother Buzz McAllister.

The sixth installment of the franchise, which streams Nov. 12, doesn’t attempt to reinvent the wheel as far as we can see. But it does show flickers of charm ― plus British accents!

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