LeBron James Dishes On His Dream To One Day Play In The NBA With His Son

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LeBron James is dreaming about the day when he can hopefully play in the NBA alongside his eldest son, LeBron James Jr., aka Bronny.

The Los Angeles Lakers star shared his desire to one day share the court with his 17-year-old — who has already made a name for himself in the basketball world — during a clip published on Instagram on Monday by Uninterrupted, the multimedia brand he founded with Maverick Carter.

In the video, both James and his wife, Savannah James, were asked what their hopes were for Bronny’s future.

“To be happy and find happiness in whatever it is that he does — whatever it is, I just want him to be happy,” Savannah James responded.

The NBA star’s response was a bit more specific: “I want him to get to the NBA,” he said.

“I am not even gonna lie, I want to be on the court with him,” he continued. “I think that will be an unbelievable moment.”

James then appeared to reference his eventual retirement, noting that the timing of Bronny beginning his potential NBA career could cut things “close.” The younger James is currently a junior at Sierra Canyon School in Chatsworth, California.

“It could get close but we shall see,” LeBron James said.

LeBron James comes onto the court to congratulate his son, Bronny, James after his team won a game at the Staples Center on Dec. 4, 2021, in Los Angeles.

Jason Armond via Getty Images

LeBron James, who turned 37 on Dec. 30, recently addressed questions about his retirement, telling reporters days before his birthday that he was “on the other side of the hill” with his time in the NBA, CBS Sports reported.

He then noted he was going to follow his mind and body. He’s currently playing his 19th season in the league.

“As long as my mind stays fresh and my body stays with that, I can play the game,” the Los Angeles Laker forward said. “But, in the end, the game will tell you. Your body will tell you. Your mind will tell you. I’ve put in enough hours and punched enough clocks where, when that time comes, I’ll be OK with it.”

While LeBron James waits for his dream of playing with his son in the NBA to come true, fans will likely continue to see him on the sidelines of Bronny’s basketball games in the meantime.

Videos of LeBron James coaching Bronny from the sidelines made the rounds on Twitter over the summer, after the NBA star was filmed hyping up his son during a tournament at his high school alma mater in Akron, Ohio.

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