Stephen Colbert Reveals The Unseen Jan. 6 Trump Footage He Hopes Comes Out Next

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Stephen Colbert said the world may soon get a look at what Donald Trump was doing during the 187 minutes of public silence on Jan. 6, 2021 as his supporters attacked the U.S. Capitol.

Trump eventually released a video calling the rioters “very special people” as he repeated lies about the 2020 election, which he lost.

“We love you,” Trump told the rioters, then called on them to go home.

On Monday night’s “Late Show,” Colbert pointed out that one reason it took so long for Trump to speak is because staffers had to keep reshooting the video when he wouldn’t say the right thing.

“OK,” Colbert said. “But what were these people expecting? Not saying the right thing is kind of his thing. That’s like saying, ‘We have to reshoot this Kool-Aid commercial because that giant pitcher keeps smashing through the brick wall.’”

Colbert also noted that the bipartisan House committee investigating the attack has asked for unreleased footage recorded by the White House that day.

“Oh good!” Colbert said. “We’re going to get to see all the bloopers. And like all the best bloopers, I hope there’s one where he gets hit in the nuts.”

See more in Colbert’s Monday night monologue:

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